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With Ric Bratton

During this dynamic interview with Ric Bratton on This Week America, Alain and Danielle explained how the Book: Secrets To Divine Manifestations came about and how the Book has helped so many people find their purpose through the Rebirth of their soul. 


This Spiritual AudioBook is one of the greatest works of Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba in the areas of understanding the laws of the universe and the nature of humans and God.


In this book, Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba has broken down some of the hardest Bible concepts to help the reader grasp the full understanding of the written mystical lessons of the ancients.


The book reveals seven secrets you ought to know in order to experience the rebirth of your soul and find your purpose. You will also find the prayers and affirmations in this book extremely helpful for your spiritual growth and expansion.

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Featured Current

Featuring Tony Neale

During this Live Facebook interview with Alain & Danielle, Spiritual Business Mentor Tony Neale explains how using Spiritual Wisdom has taken his business to the next level. After going through the clarity coaching sessions with One Happy Life, LLC, Tony explains to the Breakthrough For Lightworkers Facebook Group how he was able to awaken God within himself as Enthusiasm and experienced miraculous success in his business. 

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Iman Abdelkader

After going through the Soul Journey Spiritual Masterclass with One Happy Life, LLC, Spiritual Coach and Lightworker Iman Abdelkader became highly aware of the challenges the green soul is creating on the planet. During her interview with Alain & Danielle, she was able to explain to the audience on the Breakthrough For Lightworkers Facebook Group, how important it is that they help their clients achieve inner mastery of their toxic internal vibrations from the green soul above all else. 

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Sarah Stockham

Through the Soul Journey Spiritual Masterclass with One Happy Life, LLC, Reiki Master and Lightworker Sarah Stockham explains how potent her level of consciousness became through her daily conversation with God. On the Breakthrough For Lightworkers Facebook Group, Sarah reveals to the audience the steps she learned through the Soul Journey to have her conversation with God; and how that increases her vibration while working with her clients.

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Christy Jones

On this interview recording, Christy Jones is exposing Lightworkers and Spiritual Healers to the power of Conscious Creation when the human soul is able to transcend the dark energies from their 7-layer conversation with the Green Soul. In the end of her interview, she guided the audience on the Breakthrough For Lightworkers Facebook Group through a vibrational alignment and an example of how to reach the seventh layer of their own conversation with the green soul. 

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Herlay Divine

As she expressed her gratitude toward One Happy Life Ministry for appointing her, after her Soul Journey graduation, to be the senior minister on their platform, Spiritual Life Coach Herlay Divine explains the power that is in knowing how to properly learn data using the DRT method taught by Alain & Danielle. She informed the Breakthrough For Lightworkers Facebook Group about the necessity of not just learning but knowing how to learn. She took her time to address women lightwoorkers on the importance of their female energy needed for the awakening of the planet since all humans come through their womb whether they were mothers by biological right or not.  She explains that all women are spiritual mothers to the soul of the earth. 

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Julie Ann Meyer

After learning to overcome the threatening suggestions of the green soul concerning finances, Spiritual Life Coach and Lightworker Julie Ann was able to show the audience how she manifested money in order to invest in her calling. She taught the Breakthrough For Lightworkers Facebook Group the power that is in holding a vision that has more potent energy than their fears. She explained to them how having a vision for your highest life work pulled her out of any emotional trap the green soul have tried to lock her mind into to abort her rising steps in the direction of her dream.